New Venue Announcement – Details – Hospitality, Sports, Leisure

59club Europe South are thrilled to announce Details – Hospitality, Sports, Leisure as their latest partner which includes working with the following venues: Palmares Ocean Living & Golf located in the Algarve, Dom Pedro Hotels & Golf Collection in Vilamoura and Aroeira Golf Courses in the Lisbon region.

Totaling 8 golf courses, Details will receive a wealth of experience data from across their facilities allowing for incredible experience insights, unique customer journey measurement tools, employee training, and tailored benchmarking vehicles.

We asked Nuno Sepúlveda, Co-CEO of Details – Hospitality, Sports, Leisure why Details have partnered with 59club Europe South

“This collaboration is a significant step in enhancing customer satisfaction at our prestigious golf courses in Vilamoura, Palmares, and Aroeira. By using 59club’s advanced data analysis and comparison tools, our goal is to refine operational standards, elevate staff performance, and solidify our reputation as leaders in golf course management. This strategic alliance perfectly aligns with our commitment to excellence, promising an even higher standard of service for our valued customers.”