59club Nordic Announces Collaboration with GolfStar

59club Nordic Partners with GolfStar to enhance customer service standards and golfing experiences across scandinavia.

Aarhus, Denmark December 15 — 59club Nordic, a leading provider of training and customer service analytics in Northern Europe is proud to announce its collaboration with GolfStar, the largest Golf ownership group in the Nordic region.

With its headquarters in Stockholm, GolfStar operates 13 golf facilities in Sweden, featuring a total of 19 golf courses, GolfStar Indoor and more than 50,000 customers. This new partnership aims to further elevate the golfing experience for its members, guests, volunteers, sponsors, and employees.

Andy Gordon, Senior Business Developer at GolfStar, emphasized the organization’s commitment to delivering the best experience possible, stating:

“Our core belief at GolfStar is to provide the best experience for our members, guests, volunteers, sponsors, and employees. We want to offer flexibility and to understand in what direction our members and shareholders wish to go in the future. The main reason behind our collaboration is that we are aligned with 59club Nordic in our core values. We put our customers first and we want to create a future shaped from their feedback. Exactly this is why a collaboration will enable us to deliver excellent customer service and great experiences for our entire GolfStar community.”

Sebastian Czyz, General Manager of 59club Nordic, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying:

“As we continue our journey in Northern Europe, we are extremely thrilled to join forces with Andy, Stefan, Anna, Maria, and the entire team at GolfStar. They have an ambition to excel, a mindset that allows them to make business-informed decisions for the betterment of their customers, and a willingness to elevate satisfaction, service, and the overall experience. We have a shared passion for the game, and we are excited for the journey ahead.”

Key Areas

This collaboration between 59club Nordic and GolfStar will focus on enhancing customer service, training, and analytics to provide the best golfing experience for GolfStar members and golf enthusiasts across the Nordic region.

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