An Interview With David Ramos – El Paraiso’s Journey with 59club

El Paraiso Golf Club, located in the middle of Marbella & Estepona on the Costa del Sol, is a newcomer to the 59club community, having started working closely with the leading sales & customer service management specialists at the start of this year.

The club, who are currently celebrating their 50th anniversary, has found solace in 59club’s intelligent mystery shopping program, and the perfect survey platform to monitor their customer journey at the club, along with a support network to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

We asked Managing Director, David Ramos, to share his experience of this journey and how it is shaping his vision for the future of the club.

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the insights gained from the mystery shopper platform. It has been eye-opening to measure the level of service provided by the various departments at our golf course. Previously, monitoring the performance of each department at the club was challenging, but the 59club platform has provided a comprehensive overview of strengths and areas for improvement. It has highlighted specific aspects that stood out positively, such as the friendly and welcoming atmosphere we have created.

Additionally, our audits have emphasized the excellent condition of our course, which received high praise, and it’s not a subjective opinion, the course is measured against 59club’s global benchmarking criteria, and I am confident of knowing where we sit regionally and internationally. These findings from the data have been invaluable in guiding our efforts to continuously enhance the overall experience for our guests. We are using this information to address any areas that need improvement and to reinforce the positive aspects of our operations.”

“These findings from the data have been invaluable in guiding our efforts to continuously enhance the overall experience for our guests. We are using this information to address any areas that need improvement and to reinforce the positive aspects of our operations.”

For this Managing Director, there is no resting on his laurels, as Ramos is eager to describe his vision for the club’s growth, and this partnership with 59club will contribute to the realisation of that vision.

“As Managing Director, especially during this milestone year as we celebrate our 50th anniversary, I have a clear vision for the growth and continued success of the club. Over the past few years, we have made significant investments in improving both the course and the clubhouse, ensuring that our facilities are of the highest quality. However, we believe that there is always room for improvement in every aspect of our operations.

One area that we want to focus on to enhance the overall experience for our members and guests is customer service. While we have received very positive reviews from clients in the past, we recognise that monitoring key aspects of the customer journey can help us provide an even better experience.

This is where our partnership with 59club becomes invaluable. With access to the mystery shopper services and intelligent survey software, this allows us to gain valuable insights into our customer service performance. This data-driven approach enables us to understand the needs and expectations of our guests more comprehensively, and subsequently tailor our services to exceed their expectations. By actively monitoring and addressing key aspects of customer service, we aim to create a truly exceptional and memorable experience for everyone who visits El Paraiso Golf Club.

We are working on implementing effective strategies, refining our operations, and ensuring that our growth as a club aligns with our vision of providing the highest level of service and satisfaction to our valued members and guests”.

The intel that 59club has delivered has empowered Ramos to set specific goals & benchmarks that he and the team are aiming for in terms of service quality and experience. Ramos explains just how he plans to implement these strategies and the tools he will use.

“We have specific goals and benchmarks in mind, one of our key focuses is improving the information provided to clients, particularly those who are playing El Paraiso for the first time. This includes offering comprehensive details about our facilities, services, and any special events or promotions. We want to ensure they have all the necessary details and guidance to make their visit seamless and enjoyable. By proactively communicating with our clients and addressing their inquiries or concerns ahead of time, we can enhance their overall experience and ensure their expectations are met or exceeded.”

And it’s not just to the benefit of El Paraiso, David firmly sees the insights and best practices provided by 59club contributing to the growth and development of golf clubs in Spain, and particularly in the Costa del Sol region, he explains

“I believe that the insights and best practices provided by 59club will have a significant impact on the growth and development of golf clubs in Spain, particularly in the Costa del Sol region. The customer service experience is a key differentiating factor among the 70 courses in our area, and this is where the information provided by 59club becomes invaluable.

The challenges and opportunities we encounter at El Paraiso Golf Club are likely to be similar to those faced by other clubs in the region. By leveraging the insights and best practices shared by 59club, we can collectively elevate the standard of customer service throughout the Costa del Sol. This will not only enhance the experience for golfers visiting the region, but also contribute to the overall reputation and competitiveness of our golf clubs.

By embracing the data-driven approach and implementing strategies, golf clubs in the Costa del Sol can ensure that they are delivering exceptional customer service and exceeding the expectations of their members and guests. This, in turn, will drive increased satisfaction, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth, ultimately leading to the growth and success of the golf industry in the region”

The message that Ramos is eager to share with his industry peers and other golf clubs considering partnering with 59club is clear

“I strongly recommend partnering with 59club to improve customer service, staff training, and overall performance at their golf clubs. We have been delighted with the insights gained in just a few months. Embrace this data-driven approach, utilise their mystery shopper services, support network and survey tools. It will undoubtedly benefit your club and contribute to its long-term success.”